contemporary romance author

Yours to Keep—New Zealand Brides, Book 4

“What is it with this family?” asked Amber. “They’re getting married at a rate of one per year. It’ll be you next.”

“Me?” Gabe huffed. “Not likely. I’m fine as I am.” He glanced at his red-headed little sister, dressed in bright colors, with flowers in her hair. She marched to the beat of a different tune to the rest of them. “It’ll be more likely you.”

She smiled a far-away smile. “Marriage? No way. But if a long-haired poet with dreamy eyes and hair—a little bit too long, perhaps—comes walking along, a guitar slung over his shoulder, then I’m open to offers.”

This excerpt from Yours to Treasure introduces Amber, the free-spirited artist with her head in the clouds. But will she find her poet, or will it be someone very, very different who catches her eye? Find out in August 2018!